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NextEngine delivers unprecedented 5 Megapixel image sensor power at an affordable price never before seen in 3D scanners! At 0.005 inch accuracy, it rivals systems costing 10 times the price. Compared with many $35,000+ scanners, NextEngine's data fidelity is far cleaner. No more annoying pops and spikes that take hours to edit out. The surface data is so clean, you can just use it straight from the scanner.

The secret behind this big change is new technology invented by NextEngine. An all-new electro-optical architecture and sophisticated new algorithms use an array of Lasers to scan in parallel. Result: higher point throughput and much better data fidelity.


Measurement System NextEngine proprietary MultiStripe Laser Triangulation (MLT) technology.
Source Twin arrays of four, Class 1M, 10 mW solid state lasers with custom optics 650 nm λ.
Sensor Twin 5.0 Megapixel CMOS image sensors.
Photo Surface Optically synchronous 7-color surface capture for precision-locked geomtry correlation.
Photo Lighting Built-in spatially diverse whitelight illuminators with tri-phosphor, wide color gamut.
AutoDrive™ High precision rotary servo positioner, auto-controlled by scanner. 20 lb max.
PartGripper™ Universal part holder to adjust height, angle, and orientation of capture. 10 lb capacity.
Object Size No preset limit. Objects larger than field can be assembled with supplied software.
Field Size 5.1" x 3.8" (Macro) and 13.5" x 10.1" (Wide). ProScan Extended Mode 22.5” x 16.75”.
Capture Density On target surface capture up to 268K points/in²(Marco), 29K points/in² (Wide).
Texture Density 500 DPI on target surfaces is 500 DPI in Macro Mode and 200 DPI in Wide Mode.
Dimensional Accuracy ±0.005" in Macro Mode and ±0.015" in Wide Mode.
Acquisition Speed 50,000 processed points/sec throughput. Typically 2 minutes per scan of each facet.
Typical Datasets Typical small models are a quarter million points, after oversampling and optimization
Environmental Desktop use under ordinary office lighting. No darkroom or special background required.

3D Scanner Ultra HD Bundled with ScanStudio ProScan Software
Kit includes Scanner, ScanStudio, ProScan Software, AutoDrive, PartGripper, Powder Pen, PaintPens, 1 year support plus hardware warranty

ScanStudio ProScan
Expands ScanStudio software processing power to provide 2x faster scans and large format scanning. ScanStudio ProScan is intended for all NextEngine users who can benefit from faster scan time, and large area scan formats. The added functionality and performance delivered by ProScan helps users complete challenging jobs faster and with greater ease. New algorithms enable the laser array to sweep twice as fast, while still capturing all of the same detail. Delivers two times as many points per second.

ProScan also provides ultra-wide field scans covering larger areas in a single pass. Larger objects can be captured with fewer scans, saving time and effort.