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• UK based manufacturer recognized as the world’s leading supplier of engineering teaching equipment.

• The Armfield FTT Series is designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of measuring reaction to fire, and exploring the concepts of ignition, flame spread, smoke production, heat release and toxicity.

• For research applications, Armfield Ltd's sister company is Fire Testing Technology Ltd. FTT Ltd is the world leader in the design, manufacture and service of instruments that measure the reaction of a variety of materials to fire. The key products include Cone Calorimeters, Large Scale Calorimeters, NBS Smoke Chambers and Oxygen Index Test, together with an unmatched range of related fire testing instruments. Over the last 20 years FTT has developed its technology and expertise to become the benchmark in fire testing instrumentation. For more information on the FTT Ltd range of research equipment, visit: http://www.fire-testing.com/

• Represented in Australia by Emona for over 20 years.

• Many hundreds of Armfield units in use in Australian and New Zealand universities and vocational training.

For more information, visit the Armfield website at: http://discoverarmfield.com/en/products/view/ftt_series/fire-testing-technology-series