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PicoScope 6402C

250MHz, 5GS/s, 256M MEMORY
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Over two decades of oscilloscope design experience has resulted in the PicoScope 6000 Series — the ultimate in USB oscilloscope design.

Channels 4
Bandwidth 250MHz
Sample Rate 5GS/s Real Time
Resolution 8 Bit (12 Bit Enhanced)
Memory 256M
Basic Triggers Auto, rapid, repeat, single, none
Advanced Triggers Rising edge, falling edge, egde with hysteresis, logic level, pulse width, runt pulse, dropout, window, delayed
Rise Time 1.0 ns
Sensitivity 10mV/div to 4V/div
Input Ranges ±50mV to ±20V,9 ranges
Waveform Buffer up to 10000 w/f
Interface USB

Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Sin(x)/x, Gaussian, Half-Sine, White Noise
Buffer 16384 samples
Sample Rate 200MS/s
Resolution 12bits

Spectrum Analyser
Bandwidth 350MHz
Display Modes Magnitude, peak hold, average
Maximum Number of Bins 1,048,576
FFT Rectangular, Gaussian, Triangular, Blackman, Blackman-Harris, Hamming, Hann, Flat Top