CableEye Custom Solutions


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CableEye Systems also allow users to mount special connectors and pigtails on blank boards to build custom interfaces or CAMI can build custom interfaces as per user requirements.

Central to CAMI’s custom solutions is the PinMap™ software. PinMAP allows you to link any custom test fixtures or adapter cables to CableEye’s connector library and database.

Using PinMap, you create a separate “map” file containing a look-up table that shows how each connector pin on your custom fixture is wired to the test-point bus. At the same time, you may assign a name of your choice to the connector graphic and a socket number to correspond with a label on your fixture or adapter cable.

For wiring harnesses or special applications, PinMap lets you enter a custom label for each pin of up to seven alphanumeric characters. This option is a must for anyone doing prototyping or using unusual connectors, and can be extremely helpful when testing cable harnesses or cables with three or more connectors. The Map file name is saved in the database along with the wiring data allowing automatic setup after you create the initial Map.