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Trotec's EC060V is a great value thermal imaging camera. It offers a professional 160 x 120 resolution and visible light camera with "Duo Vision".

Resolution 160 x 120
Temperature Range -20oC to 250oC
Accuracy +2% or +2oC
Focal Distance 0.10m
Focus manual
Frame Rate 50Hz
Measurement Modes 5 movable measuring points
Visible Light Camera 680x480 pixels with integrated photo lamp
Colour Palette 6
Emissivity Correction variable from 0.01 to 1.0
Ambient Temperature Correction
Thermal File Format JPEG, 14-bit thermal image with measurement data
Image Storage Mini-SD card slot
Image Display swivel mounted, high resolution 2.5" LCD
Laser Pointer
Battery Type Li-Ion rechargeable
Battery Operating Time 3 hours
Software supplied with Trotec professional reporting software
Multi-Page Batch Reporting Software - Trotec Professional Software

Full analysis and documentation software with numerous functions for assessment and documentation included as standard with Trotec series. Drag and drop selected images into a predefined template automatically linking IR and visual images.
This simple process creates multipage reports in either word or IRT format in seconds. In IRT format temperature points, areas , lines , profiles , range/span , palettes etc can easily be created or changed prior to saving as PDF or Exporting to Word.