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The complete Solar PV installation, I-V curve analyser and electrical installation tester.

* Performance Verification of Arrays & Inverters
* Safety of PV & Electrical Installations
* I-V Curves Up To 1000V/15A/15kW
* Documentation & Reporting to AS5033

The InstalTest PV is a complete solar PV and electrical installation tester. It enables complete testing of electrical installations, and in addition performs I - V characteristic, calculation of STC values and power measurements on the inverter's DC and AC sides.

I-V Curve Test on Module, Strings or Whole Array
* I-V curve up to 1000V/15A/15kW
* Power Curve
* Determination of Pmpp
* Irradiance & temperature values

PV Panel & Inverter Efficiency Test
* Output voltage, current & power
* Efficiency of panal at STC conditions
* Efficiency of panel at momentary conditions
* Inverter Efficiency Test

Safety of Solar PV & Electrical Installations
* Continuity of PE conductors
* Insulation resistance
* Open cirecuit voltage & short circuit current
* RCD trip time/trip current
* Loop impedance
* Voltage, frequency & phase sequence

InstalTest PV

Insulation Resistance up to 1000V
Continuity 200mA
Voc, Isc 1000V, 15A
Extrapolation to STC
I-V Curve
Vmpp, Impp, Pmax
Module Temperature
PV Installation Safety
Voltage AC & DC, Current AC & DC
Loop Impedance
RCD Trip Time/Current
Earth Resistance
Phase Sequence
Internal Memory
Up to 500 I-V curve results, Up to 1800 electrical tests
Overvoltage Category 600V CAT III and 300V CAT IV
PC Interface RS232 and USB
Software EuroLink PRO