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Magna-Power Electronics SL Series was designed for high reliability and to provide market leading 1U (1.75” height) rack-mount power density, with output isolation up to 1000 Vdc. This product series utilizes Magna-Power electronics signature current-fed power processing, delivering robust power conversion with high efficiency. A wide variety of input voltages are available, from 208 Vac up to 480 Vac. A single-phase universal input (UI) featuring active power factor correction is available for 1.5 kW models. High accuracy programming and monitoring levels allow confidence in power supply measurements, eliminating the need for external power meters.

All SL Series power supplies come standard with isolated 37-pin external I/O, RS232, Remote Interface Software, IVI drivers for integration into a variety of programming environments, and modulation capabilities for non-linear output profile emulation. Two front panel types are available for different application requirements. The standard SL Version front panel (pictured in the image above) provides front panel control and calibration, start and stop buttons, and a digital display for voltage and current. The C Version front panel provides a blank display panel, allowing control only from the computer or isolated 37-pin I/O connection.

Number of Models: 70
Power Levels: 1.5 kW, 2.6 kW, 4 kW and 6 kW
Voltage Range: Models from 0-5 Vdc to 0-1000 Vdc
Current Range: Models from 0-1.5 Adc to 0-250 Adc
Enclosure: Rack-mount, 1U