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Thermal Imaging Cameras & Thermography

Emona offers a comprehensive range of affordable thermal imaging cameras for electrical switchboard surveys, industrial maintenance and the HVAC industry. 

Our range covers from Australia's most affordable thermal imaging camera, the Trotec EC060 a no compromise 160 x 120 resolution thermal imaging camera priced at $2,629 ex GST and the Trotec IC120LV a 1,500 degree C camera with 384 x 288 resolution priced at $7,392 ex GST through to the high resolution Electrophysics thermal imaging camera systems with on-camera data logging and 640 x 480 resolution. 

Our thermal imaging camera brands cover:

  • Dali Technologies Inc

  • Trotec GmbH

  • Electrophysics Corp

Our thermal imaging camera range covers:

  • The Trotec EC060 is Australia's most affordable no compromise thermal imaging camera with a 160 x 120 resolution and priced at only $2,629 ex GST.

  • The Dali TEi-P which is an ideal model for switchboard thermal surveys. The TEi-P includes 160 x 120 resolution, visible light camera and voice recording at a market leading $4,529 ex GST. No other camera in the market comes close to this price and performance.

  • The Trotec range of thermal imaging cameras are manufactured in Europe and range from the IC080V which includes visible light camera, DuoVision image fusion technology, through to the IC120LV which the the markets most affordable 1,500 degree C thermal imaging camera for demanding industrial applications.

  • The Electrophysics range manufactured in the USA offer the markets only in-camera data logging system with a PDA type user interface and a high 640 x 480 resolution.

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Electrical Application Note: Switchboard Thermal Imaging

  • Australia's switchboard thermal survey business is growing and is no longer the exclusive domain of thermography consultants using high priced equipment and charging clients up to $1,500 per day. Today, switchboard surveys are a routine inspection carried out by electrical contractors armed with a modestly priced new generation switchboard survey system and appropriate training under their belt.

    This application note describes the procedures in AS/NZS3017:2007 on how thermal inspections of switchboards should be carried out and what features electrical contractors should look for in a thermal imaging camera for this application

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